About the Artist

Art Early in Life

Lisa grew up in Palm Harbor, Florida, where she started to hone her creative skills in high school. She took every art class available so that she could try every medium and get experience. She won 1st place in the senior art show for her colored pencil drawing of seals.

After graduation, she traveled abroad and lived in Japan for three years. She didn’t practice art then, but was inspired by themes that she would use later. When she moved back to the Clearwater area, she pursued her Associate’s degree in Web Design and completed it in 2010. While taking classes for the general requirements, learning about art history and taking a few art classes, it reawakened her passion for the arts.

Stumbling into Chalk Art & Street Painting

Finding Dory with Hank Chalk
Clearwater Beach Chalkwalk, October 2016

Lisa worked as a restaurant manager on Clearwater Beach and she was in charge of the chalkboards. She would doodle and practice writing the specials out as she always enjoyed her creative side. One of her former co-workers worked for the Chamber on Clearwater Beach, and asked her if she would participate in the upcoming chalk festival, as they needed more artists. In October 2015, Lisa created her first chalk art on the beachwalk in front of beautiful Clearwater Beach. She talked to other artists who gave tips and tricks on how to work with the medium and welcomed her to the chalk family. She had no idea she would soon become hooked from that moment on. She became an active member of the Florida Chalk Artists Association, now called Chalk Art Nation.

Teaching Artimg_3627-1-1

In 2016, Lisa began working as a manager for a different restaurant in St. Pete, Florida. She made some friends that lived locally, including a Veteran named Mike. They chatted as always and one day a conversation came up that he’d always wanted to learn how to paint a tree. Lisa suggested that she could offer to teach a painting class at the VFW Post. He put her in touch with the right contacts and began teaching classes regularly. It caught on to another American Legion Post in the area, and she also began to teach private classes for birthday parties.

Present Day

Since May 2021, Lisa has been working an office job during the weekdays so that she can pursue her painting classes and take on more chalking gigs.